Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 Day in the Life of a Genealogist

Last spring our good genea-buddy June Stearns Butka had an idea! A great idea! Why not have a DAY IN THE LIFE OF A GENEALOGIST like the pictural A Day in the Life of America book where authors Rick Smolan and David Elliott Cohen sent 200 of the world's leading photojournalists to set out across america to capture the life of a nation on film in a single day. What followed were A Day in the Life of Japan and A Day in the Life of Ireland among others. Other cool "A Day in the Life of... items are:
Since it would be radically impossible for June and Ol' Myrt here to get around grabbing video of everyone of our genea-friends, please submit links to your own Day in the Life of a Genealogist videos. Put the records up on
  • YouTube video
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Vimeo
  • ...
You may use any type of video editing software. No need for the expense of Camtasia, as YouTube has it's own video editing tools available for free. If you have a gmail address, you can activate your YouTube channel.

Other than that, the deadline is 29 October 2016. And we will spotlight your work in the brand-spanking new blog!

WHERE to submit?
Once you've uploaded your "Day in the Life of a Genealogist" video, submit a link in comments below. 


  1. I write about this almost every day on my The Geneaholic blog (, but how in the world can I capture all of that in a 10 hour video?

    1. I think we are looking for a 3-4 minute synopsis.
      Thanks, Randy.

    2. Dear Randy,
      Your comment inspired "Thoughts on composing your 'Day in the Life' Video" located here:

  2. Hi, we are not sure if this quite fits your brief but we thought we would like to send you a link to our 'Take The Road Home' video clip about Irish Roots magazine and the many ways it can help family history researchers across the globe. Thank you. Julie Phibbs,

    1. Dear Julie,
      This video clip is indeed inspiring. Although I don't usually permit commercial advertising, I think this still fits into the picture.

  3. I have started both an Adobe page and a video at the moment I prefer the page does it matter which we do? I could try doing something with a page in a video but not sure if it will work.

  4. Hi - Here's a link to my video, which I made in Adobe Spark. I had a few problems late in the process but otherwise enjoyed doing this. Thanks for the fun idea!