Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thoughts on composing your "Day in the Life" video

Prolific genealogy blogger Randy Seaver writes:
I write about this almost every day on my The Geneaholic blog (www.geneaholic.com), but how in the world can I capture all of that in a 10 hour video?
After giggling, and picking myself up off the floor I have the following suggestions:
  • Create a checklist of the main things you do in a day as a genealogist that you wish to include in your short 3-5 minute video.
  • Plan to take short video clips, with your smart phone or video recorder. (Perhaps 15 seconds each.)
  • Use a tripod.
  • Decide if you will speak directly into the camera, or do a voice over later.
  • Ask someone else to press "record" and stop recording."
  • Select still shots, say of ancestors, to include if desired.
  • Plan to upload the multiple 15-second video recordings and still shots in "private mode" to your YouTube channel, or import into your video editing software app of choice.
  • Place each 15-second segment on the timeline in your video editing software.
  • Insert disolves like "fading" between segments.
  • Add some background music if desired. (Public domain of course!) 
Here's an example where DearMYRTLE used Adobe Spark Video with still shots:


Here's the WACKY Wednesday episode where Ol' Myrt's *very* distant cousin Sweet Sadie explored Adobe Spark Video. Sure you *could* watch the video of this WACKY Wednesday session here or on YouTube, but you'll want to log in at: http://hangouts.dearmyrtle.com/ww-adobe-spark.html

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